Herman Kojo Chinery-Hesse

Co-Founder of SoftTribe Limited

Affectionately known as the “Bill Gates of Africa”, Herman is a Software Engineer by profession.   He is a strong believer in the power of Information Technology and its capacity to transform Africa socially, politically and economically.
The desire he has to see Africa develop, coupled with his determination to contribute to its growth led him to co-founder theSOFTtribe Limited. Nearly 20 years after its establishment, theSOFTtribe (SOFT) has become the leading software house in West Africa.
He holds a number of Directorships and is an Assessor of the Commercial Court, Ghana. Herman has won a number of personal awards including Outstanding Ghanaian Professional from the GPA Awards (UK), as well as the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the Texas State Alumni Association and Texas State University-San Marcos (USA)—the first and currently only African recipient of the award.
Herman has also been a resource person and visiting speaker at the Wharton Business School, Harvard Business School, Cambridge University, the University of Ghana, Ashesi University, Boston College, and the TEDGlobal Conference in Arusha, Tanzania, amongst others.
In his own words, “If Africa misses the current global IT boat there may never again be an opportunity for rapid wealth creation on the continent