Our Flagship Projects

Free Health Care Delivery

Campaign on Autism

Solar 4 Girls

Women Empowerment

Earthgold Skin and Beauty Products

Our impact efforts are centered on women empowerment, health and education

Our programs has been in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

SDG goals

No Poverty

Zero Hunger

Good Health and Well-being

Quality Education

Gender Equality

Reduced Inequalities

From time to time, we embark on projects that meet the immediate needs of the vulnerable in society. A typical example was our COVID-19 Emergency Food Relief Program, which was launched during the lockdown to deliver food packs in deprived areas where there was no government intervention.

Our three areas of focus

Women Empowerment

Health & Social Life

Education (Solar4Girls)

Women Empowerment

Afi Antonio Foundation works to alleviate poverty among women and also focuses on advocating the women’s rights. Since its inception, 70% of our target beneficiaries have consisted of women and girls. We host an annual Women Empowerment Program – where we target widows, single mothers, house wives, unemployed women, disabled women and female school dropouts in rural areas and equip them with income-generating skills such as bead making, soap making, floral arrangement, make-up artistry etc. that will help them realize their financial goals and overcome persistent, gender-based barriers. During these programs, we bring in professional capacity building facilitators to train self-employed women with financial, marketing, technology, and managerial techniques.

Health & Social Life

We provide medical, social and psychological services as well as, integration activities, material and financial support, educational and information services and training to the marginalized in society within the health system.

Free Annual Community Health Outreach Programs

We provide educational, preventative as well as urgent care services directly to people with unmet healthcare needs. Health professionals are sourced to cover topics on: family planning methods, HIV/AIDS education, proper nutrition, diabetes, asthma and other communicable diseases e.g. Covid-19. After outreaches, mobile clinics are run with nurses to obtain basic health indicators e.g. Weight, blood pressure, sugar level etc. Malaria diagnosis and treatment are given and any outstanding cases are counseled and referred to appropriate health centers for further treatment.

Other Social Life Projects

Mauris pellentesque tortor consequat id porta. Sodales ut etis sit amaWe run a campaign for a blind coconut seller and his family. We did set him up and rented a place for him and his family. We also raised funds to pay school fees for 7 years old girl called Perpetual who is physically challenged due to a failed abortion by her mother.et nisl purus in mollis.

Mr & Miss Autism Ghana (A talent show for children living with autism)

Launched in 2021, the main objective of this event was to change public perspective that autism is not a disability but a different ability in so doing promoting social inclusion. At this event, we celebrate the diverse talents of children living with autism i.e. sensational painters, singers, dancers, bead makers, modelers and many others. What is more, by training our pageant kings and queens to become photo models and more, we aim to get them brand ambassadorial contracts with corporate Ghana to enable them loosen financial burdens on their parents.

Payment Of Medical Bills

From time to time, we receive notices from doctors at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital and the general public about patients who need medical sponsorships. We then embark on fundraisings through our social media platforms to solicit for funds. A major success of this attempt was when we raised funds for Chogtaa with a condition called Waardenburg Syndrome who needed cochlear implants costing $50,000. We were able to send her mom and herself to South Africa to get her surgery done.

Education (Solar4Girls)

Majority of the schools in rural areas have no access to electricity. After returning from school each day, many students spend the rest of the daylight hours helping their parents with agricultural or household tasks. By the time students are able to turn their attention to their studies, the sun has set. Most families therefore use candles or kerosene lamps for lighting their evenings. Children reading in the light of kerosene lamps are exposed to dangerous, toxic fumes. They get eye irritations, coughs and other severe pulmonary diseases – making homework significantly more challenging.

Our intervention as Afi Antonio Foundation was to provide solar lamp as the first step towards a sustainable future with better education, better health and more financial stability for the whole family. Thanks to all of our amazing donors and partners we have equipped over 1500 Junior High School students with solar lamps and provided solar education workshops to learn about the benefits of solar energy.